Books & Articles

The following key publications summarize recent developments in University Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education and are available to read or download for free. 

In reverse chronological order:

Aligning Practice to Policies: Changing the Culture to Recognize and Reward Teaching at Research Universities. Association of American Universities and Research Corporation for Science Advancement. 2017.

Barriers and Opportunities for 2-Year and 4-Year STEM Degrees: Systemic Change to Support Students' Diverse Pathways. The National Academies Press. 2016.

Reaching Students: What Research Says About Effective Instruction in Undergraduate Science and Engineering. The National Academies Press. 2015.

Teach Better, Save Time, and Have More Fun: A Guide to Teaching and Mentoring in Science. Research Corporation for Science Advancement. 2014.

Framework for Systematic Change in Undergraduate STEM Teaching and Learning. Association for American Universities.

Adapting to a Changing World--Challenges and Opportunities in Undergraduate Physics Education. The National Academies Press. 2013.

Discipline-Based Education Research: Understanding and Improving Learning in Undergraduate Science and Engineering. The National Academies Press. 2012.

Expanding underrepresented minority participation: America's science and technology talent at a crossroads. The National Academies Press. 2011.

Vision and change in undergraduate biology education: a call to action. American Association for the Advancement of Science. 2011.

The Caltech Project for Effective Teaching and the Caltech Library maintains an extensive Special Collection on Teaching and Learning; please explore via the link above for more books relevant to university STEM teaching and professional development.