Faculty & Instructors

The Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach supports Faculty and Instructors in a variety of ways, and we are always available for individual discussions and consultations. Here are some examples of frequent ways we work with faculty:


Educational Outreach

  • Forms, guides, and advice for educational outreach programs, working with minors and volunteers, and other considerations.
  • Connections for teaching and lecturing opportunities in the local community.
  • Educational outreach office support for development and implementation of hands-on demonstrations and lessons designed for PreK-12 students.
  • Opportunities to host high school students in labs for summer research.
  • Consultation on development and implementation of broader impacts components of grant applications.
Grant Proposals

Innovation in Education

  • Consultations on designing large (over $5000) proposals for the Provost's Innovation in Education Fund; large proposals are typically due during the summer.
  • Review and administration of small (under $5000) projects for the Innovation in Education Fund; proposals are accepted year-round.
  • Creating and deploying Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Options and Divisions

  • Visits to faculty meetings for short, focused presentations and discussions on educational topics of their choice.
  • Consultations on curriculum design and assessment of learning.
  • CTLO-sponsored guest speakers within disciplinary seminar series, related to the research and practice of teaching within the field.
  • Custom data related to teaching and outreach for external reviews. 

Please email us for more information, to arrange a consultation and visit University Teaching or Educational Outreach for additional information!