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Getting Involved with Educational Outreach at Caltech

Outreach in the Caltech community is practiced in many ways. Outreach can be traditional, formal instruction, lectures or lab demonstrations in a classroom or other institutional setting. It can be informal learning with unstructured, inquiry-based activities at a school science night. It can look like mentorship or one-on-one tutoring. It can be a day with students judging a science fair or robotics competition. It can be conveyed through writing, videos, social media, or video calls. It can be on Caltech's campus or it can be out in the community at schools, libraries or parks. 

The Center for Teaching, Learning and Outreach (CTLO) offers a variety of ongoing educational outreach programs that are open to members of the Caltech community and are designed to bring Caltech participants together with K-12 students, teachers, parents and members of the public in our broader community. The K-12 community reap rewards from being exposed to practitioners in all of the fields in which Caltech scholars engage, and the members of the Caltech community benefit by deepening their practice in teaching, mentorship and communication.